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When We Fight, We Win!: The Podcast

Dec 17, 2020

SEASON 2, Episode o2: #EstadoDeEmergencia: Organizing to End Gender-based Violence in PR

In our second episode, we interview Black feminist lawyer and activist, Zoán Tanís Dávila Roldán of La Colectiva Feminista en Construcción about the #EstadoDeEmergencia campaign.

As multi-pronged attacks and femicides have risen alarmingly after Hurricane María and most recently, during the Covid19 pandemic towards women, Transgender women, and girls of color - especially from low-income, Black, immigrant, LGBTQ and Indigenous communities- Puerto Rican feminists have urged the government to declare Puerto Rico in a “state of emergency”.

In this patriarchal and heteronormative society, the majority of the cases of crimes driven by gender-based violence remain in impunity. Globally, numbers continue to rise exponentially and feminist social movements such as #MeToo, #NotOneMore, #Nos QueremosVivas have proven the urgency of this matter.