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When We Fight, We Win!: The Podcast

Apr 22, 2021

Listen to Angela Kinlaw from the New Orleans People’s Assembly FULL INTERVIEW and the Residents of Gordon Plaza on “From Dante’s Inferno to Gordon Plaza.”Following the dream of breaking the cycle of generational wealth, this Black working-class community of first-time homebuyers discovered that the City of New Orleans built the houses over a toxic landfill and never remediated the soil. The residents have contended all kinds of health issues and have the second-highest sustained rates of cancer in the entire state of Louisiana. For over 40 years, the community has been in the struggle against environmental racism. The organized residents, along with solidarity groups, demand a fully funded relocation NOW! It is urgent in the face of the global pandemic, and the only way to treat the land and the people with dignity is to allow the healing process to begin.>>>SUBSCRIBE to our podcast to get more stories on social movements, communities in resistance, and learn from culture organizers and freedom fighters. When We Fight, We Win!: The Podcast is available on Spotify, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Apple, and Google podcasts.#FullyFundedRelocationForGordonPlaza #GordonPlaza #EnvironmentalRacism #WhenWeFightWeWin #BlackLivesMatter #EarthDay #NewOrleansPeoplesAssembly #NewOrleans