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When We Fight, We Win!: The Podcast

Nov 15, 2021

What would you do if you inherited 25 million dollars at age 21? This episode is about Sam Jacobs and a network of donors who use lessons and inspiration from social movements to reclaim a new narrative around philanthropy. Traditionally funders hold onto power, hoard money in private foundations and donor-advised funds and control giving based on the funders own views and priorities. Because of Occupy Wall Street and the Movement for Black Lives, a new narrative about wealth and philanthropy is emerging. Radical philanthropists are changing the face of philanthropy and redistributing their wealth. They believe that ‘those closest to the pain, need to be closest to the power!’*


As a member of Resource Generation and Solidiare - Sam Jacobs, National Organizer for Donor Relations at The Right to the City Alliance, focuses his philanthropic giving on the re-distribution of his personal inheritance and getting others to join this path. Sam intentionally re-allocates his funds to prioritize movement organizations that are spearheading initiatives that protect our communities and the planet.


Sam not only prioritizes funding social movements but puts those on the frontlines in control of the dollars. Why are folks in the 1% joining this shift? Listen to Episode 3!

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